Young Thug Sued for 2.2 Million in House Payments

A recent lawsuit was filed by Heritage Select Homes, LLC this week claiming that the swift Atlanta based rapper Jeffrey Lamar Williams, aka “Young Thug” owes over $2.2 million in back house payments for his cozy Buckhead Heights home.

Records state that the Atlanta rapper made an agreement to a “balloon promissory note” back in September, 2016.  He was allegedly scheduled to make a payment of $86,500 on October 19th; $86,033 on November 19th; $150,567 on December 19th; and two more payments of $14,667 in the months of January and February.  On March 19th, Young Thug was to pay a lump sum of $2,214,667.  But from the lawsuit filed by Knight Johnson, LLC, Mr. Williams failed to make that payment.

Hmmm, maybe the rapper should have been rapping about paying his mortgage instead of spending seven bands on a pit bull!

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