Fetty Wap Involved in Alleged Robbery

#shotsfired There have been reports made that while in Paterson, NJ Fetty Wap was involved in an alleged robbery gone sour.  Around 5 am on Sunday, March 26th,  NJ Police were dispatched to Montclair and Paxton St  due to a fight that lead to shots fired.  When police arrived, they found 1 person shot in the leg and another in the torso.  A 3rd man checked himself into a nearby hospital.

It is unclear if Fetty was involved in the shooting! At this time, Fetty refuses to put in a police report of his robbery and he refuses to cooperate with the police.  According to the police there is an ongoing investigation.

One guy was taken into custody.  According to TMZ, Paterson Police have arrested Raheem Thomas, also known by the rap name Fuzz. You may know Fuzz.  He is Fetty’s rival.  He even went as far as to release a Fetty and RGF diss record called “Got Em Remix” and if this isn’t shady enought, Fuzz posted a picture of the stolen jewelry online over the weekend.  Hmm…. All we can say is thank God #mr1738 wasn’t hurt!!!

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