Yesterday was a “Shit Show”, according to Cleveland Cavalier King, Lebron James.  It seems like The infamous “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” film crew invaded the Cleveland Cavaliers’ team workout session to follow the now Kardashian affiliated Tristan Thompson.  And by surprise, King James made it his due diligence to call the film crew out by recording them on his own private phone.As many are aware by now, TMZ broke the news that Khloe Kardashian was pregnant with Tristan Thompson’s second child.  So, as the new season of KUWTKs comes to light, it appears that Tristan will make a few appearances this season.

Being as though Tristian is now tied to the Kardashian’s reality show lifestyle, cameras will more than likely film his every move.  However, I don’t think Mr. Thompson’s fellow team mates approve of this situation.  In a Snapchat video released by Lebron James, he let his feelings on the filming be known and gave his followers a big glimpse of all the excess cameras and film crew in the Cavalier’s weight room. The Great King James described this as a “Shit Show”.

In the video, Lebron states, “The shit show is here today!”  “Look at the shit show gang!  There they go.”  James said.  See the shit show unravel in the video posted by James below: